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About OCON Sports-medical clinic

As an athlete, you want to be able to move and perform sports without worries or complaints. If you want to perform optimally as an athlete, or if you have a sports injury or other complaints, OCON Sports-medical clinic will help you out. Our team of sports care specialists are ready for you behind a single counter. You can come to us for all your questions, problems, and required guidance in the sports-medical field, both for sports injury treatment or other sports-related complaints and their prevention. The OCON Sports-medical clinic is also the place to be for guidance concerning  training build-up and performance improvement.

We provide sports-medical care for starting and returning athletes, recreational athletes, competitive athletes and top athletes.

Why choose OCON Sports-medical clinic?
Our sports-medical specialists are versatile and enthusiastic. They work together as a team and each has their own field of expertise. That way, all sports-medical knowledge is available to you. We are happy to help you perform sports responsibly and to accomplish your athletic ambitions, but also to help you function more pleasantly in daily life. A good physical condition is an important basis for this, after all.

For more information, questions, or to make an appointment, you can contact our secretariat
Phone: 088 - 708 5876

Contact information
Hengelo Location
Geerdinksweg 141
7555 DL Hengelo 

Trifora Location
Kotkampweg 65
7531 AS Enschede 

Phone: 088 - 708 5876
Fax: 088 - 708 5423

Postbus 546,
7550 AM Hengelo

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